• Oct 14th(Fri) SPS no school day camp

    October 14th Friday is State In Service Day for Seattle Public School Districts. Sign up our one day camp(9am-3pm) if your child need a day care. (Age 6-8yo)

  • Team/Pre-team tryout in May

    Interested in joining SRG Team / Pre-team for the coming Competition season 2022-2023? SRG team is the place children grow through gymnastics. Not only gymnastics skills, but also children gain lots life skills though annual group practice with teammates. Through gymnastics training and seasonal gymnastics activities, children have lots opportunities to learn what hard work brings, children gain will power to achieve the goals, they learn how to care of and respect others, the importance of friendship, how to time management, discipline, etc etc. This is the program your children’s “I like gymnastics” feeling moves up to “My passion is gymnastics”. This time we are welcoming new friends for the…