Halloween Party 2017 Oct 27th Fri 7-8:30PM


Juggling class by Robert Howells Sep 29th Fri 7-9PM


Summer camp showcase August 18th Fri 3PM-4PM at 12351 NE 8th ave Seattle WA 98125

Summer camp showcase and Ice cream social August 11th  


Halloween Party 2016 Oct 28th Fri 7PM-8:30PM



WA State Championship 2016 Mar 22nd~23rd

WA State Championship2016







Evergreen Invitational January 22nd~23rd









2016 Seattle Challenge








2016 Winter Session January 8th~

Ready or Not 2015









2015 Fall Session September 14th ~

2015 Summer camps June 22nd~Aug 15th

Season 2015~2016 Rhythmic Gymnastics Team audition June 12th Fri 5-6PM  

2015 Spring session showcase June 9th Tuesday and June 11th Thursday 5:30-6:00PM  @SJCS

2015 Region 2 championship May 9th – 10th SeaTac

2015 Seattle Challenge April 18th At Seattle Jewish Community School








2015 WA State meet Mar 14th-15th in Bellevue


2015  January 10th and 11th Seattle Cup 2015

Seattle Cup 2015 (1)

2014  December 9th and 11th

Showcase and Holiday show

SAVE THE DATESeattle rhythmic


2014 December 7th

Ready or Not (1st meet of new season for SRG Team member)


2014 August 4th – 8th

Introduction to Rhythmic Gymnastics Summer camp

1933 NE 125th st., Seattle WA 98125


2014  July 7th-11th

Intensive summer camp

1933 NE 125th st., Seattle WA 98125


2014 June 23rd – 27th

Indoor Outdoor intensive summer camp


June 5th

Haller Lake Community Club Ice cream social


May 3rd-4th

Region 2 championship

March 29th and 30th

WA State meet. 3 of Level 4 gymnasts will be there from SRG(This will be first Level 4 meet for one of the gymnasts. She had been in Level 3 in previous meet this season!). Good luck to all SRG gymnasts!

February 7th Sat 2014:

Evergreen Invitational 2014  Two of SRG members will attend this meet.

SRG gymnast looks happy on a top of podium.

January 12th 2014:

Seattle Cup (SRG host a meet in North Seattle. Gymnasts from foreign countries are planning of attending this meet. Special guests are planed being invited for half time show : Men’s rhythmic Gymnastics and Belly dance show etc)



December 7th :

Ready or Not (Region 2 meet)

Another successful  event for SRG gymnasts. We have sent 3 gymnasts to the meet this time. Level 3 received Score 7.3 in her Ball routine(The only performance of the day that qualified to Blue ribbon out of 20 of local Level 3 gymnasts!), Level 4s earned AA 1st, Ball 1st, Hoop 1st, Floor 2nd and 3rd! Great job girls!


Results : Level 3  (Red ribbon’s order is Alphabetical)

Results: Level 4

July 15th  2013:

summer camp starts.(We still have space for July and August both camps. Contact info@seattlerhythmic.com for more detail.)

August 1st :

storm logo

Seattle Rhythmic Gymnastics Performance at Seattle Storm game in  Key Arena with IRGB


2013 State meet. Seattle Rhythmic Gymnastics’s gymnast got the highest total score in All around in Level 3. (Level 3 does not have awards or places.) Great job!!


La Luna Golden Butterfly. Result here. http://www.seattlerhythmic.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/LaLuna_goldenButterfly_2013.pdf

Our gymnasts were the only who received Blue ribbon in  Level 3(out of 17 gymnasts!) Congratulations!





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