How to be a good gymnast -11things gymnasts can do to improve fast-

Don’t you wish to be the best gymnast who shine and win a the competition? Then this article is for you. Here are the tips how to improve your Rhythmic Gymnastics skill fast!

  1. Follow the practice dress code.
    Black leotard is recommended. When your hair is kept tidy, you can focus on lesson. When you wear leotard, its easy for coaches to check your body segments。(Photo: Which is easy to see the legs?)

2. Arrive lesson on time

It’s very important to start the warm up all together when you train in a group. Its also for safety reason.

3. Prepare the training equipment in advance.

Prepare all the training equipment before the lesson starts. Organize your training item and don’t waste time to find the item when needed.

4. Make a small goal for every practice. Achieve a small goal at every practice.

Not extreme goal like ‘I do 200 degree leg split today” but more small and realistic goal like “I did double under jump rope 10 times in a row at the last practice. Today my goal is 11 times!”, or “I will keep my hands nice today during the Floor routine.” etc.

5. Keep your finger nails short, toe nails in rounded square(not too short but relatively short) , keep your skins moistened.

When you have pain in your skin around the nail, it really bother you and lower your productivity, if you are gymnast you know what I am talking about. Keep moistened your hands, keep the nails clean and reasonable length always! Its also help to avoid the ingrown nails on toes.

6. Organize your life so that you can have extra time for Gymnastics

Your coach says “I can give you free lesson tomorrow.”, and one gymnast answers “Yes, I will take it.”, the other answers “I have plenty of homework to do. So I can’t take it.”. You know which will improve fast.

7. Watch a lot of good gymnasts perform

Convenient world. You have something called Youtube, or Instagram etc etc. Learn from the best. Example keyword Russia Rhythmic Gymnastics 2021 (Link to Youtube with keyword “Russia Rhythmic Gymnastics 2021”)

8. Do not give yourself excuse not to be the best

“My parents can’t afford private lesson”, “I am too busy at academic homework” , “I was born stiff and can’t get flexible”, “I have short arms and legs”, these are the curse words that makes you improve slower.

9. Implement the training into your regular life

Example, when you brush teeth, you practice with passe balance, how about doing plunk while you watch TV?

10.Watch yourself perform

Record your performance. Find 10 parts you can improve. keep doing it regularly and eventually it will become difficult to find the parts to be fixed!

11. Do not blame parents or coaches for your failure. But always appreciate for your gymnastics experience. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Key to be a happy gymnast!