Online event : Ring Balance Challenge! May 20th Wed 4pm (PST)オンラインイベント:リングバランスチャレンジ5月21日(日本時間)木曜日午前8時

Date :
May 20th Wednesday 4pm(PST)

Where :
Zoom group meeting

Winning prize :
Winner will be awarded Hatchimals Or same value gift shipped to your house via Amazon

How to compete:
+gymnast must make a shape within 5 seconds of start beep. The count starts at 6th second. During the challenge,
+gymnast must stand on releve (The moment gymnast’s heel touch the ground, we stop counting)
+gymnast’s part of foot or leg must keep touching higher part of head on or above hair bun(hair bun must be reasonably high). (The moment her foot/leg stop touching the part of head/bun, we stop counting second. )

If there is a tie, redo the game between two to decide a champion.

How to judge:
Event organizer bring 2 judges and when both agree we stop counting the seconds.

How to decide winners:
1 winner: Longest balancer (Total seconds of Right leg and left leg)
1 winner : Longest balancer (longest second for good leg only)

How to enter:
Please make a $5 of payment to via Paypal as entry fee
(This will help us to pay for the monthly gymnasium rent for May 2020 during quarantine)
Send us the copy of the proof of your donation to a good cause. Suggested donation amount is $10 or higher. (donation must be betweeen April 20th and May 20th)

Also please Email us with your full name (and the email address you used to make payment if you chose to pay to us via paypal) to register!


日程 :
環太平洋時間 5月20日 午後4時(日本時間 5月21日午前8時)

場所 :
オンライン Zoomミーティングシステム

プライズ :

+ルルベを維持すること (かかとがついた時点でカウントがストップします)




1.ペイパルで $5 送る (コロナで外出禁止令が出ている間も、月極体育館レンタルの費用をはらわなくてはいけないSeattle Rhythmic Gymnasticsをサポートすることになります。)