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Your girl loves dancing with a music? Does she enjoy playing with ball, jumping rope, hula hoop and ball during her school’s recess time? If yes, come try our Rhythmic gymnastics summer camp!

We offer various type of physical activities through a day.

Kids start a day with Rhythmic Gymnastics warm up like jumping rope, stretching and strengthening. Sometimes ballet or cardio dance like Zumba. They learn many dance movement and acrobatic movement (tumbling) that they use to make(choreograph) their dance routines in the afternoon. Children also have time to have fun as group activities. They have outside lunch time, after lunch usually children do low key game activity like “capture the flag”, “Statue”, “dodge ball”, “basket ball” and/or Volley ball. At the end of the day, children will have arts and craft time, they can use their creativity that they already have or build up new level of art sense by trying new arts like origami!

Summer Camp