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    Wallingford location In-person lesson

    SRG will start In-person lessons at our new Wallingford location in August! New Wallingford location is conveniently located in the center of Wallingford 4430 Corliss ave N Seattle WA 98103. Class schedule can be found here. Wallingford location schedule (Summer and Fall) Sign up from here. Wallingford location schedule (Summer and Fall)

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    Successful competition season!

    Despite of this tough year of Covid, SRG gymansts kept training online and attended many competitions this season. The highlight is the Region2 Regional Championship held between April 30th and May 2nd. All gymnasts received medals and all Developmental program gymnasts ranked top 50%! Congratulations to all hard working gymnasts who completed another competition season!

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    Nutrition for Rhythmic Gymnasts

    Are you a parent who want to support your hard working Rhythmic Gymnastics girl maximumly? Providing the right food is one of the biggest contribution that parents can do for athlete children!

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    How To Make Rhythmic Recreational Ribbon

    What you need :+Scissor or hole puncher+Chopsticks +Ribbon(any type)+String(any type)+Tape(any type) How to make recreational Rhythmic ribbon. 1.Make the Ribbon edge triangle(This process can be skipped) by glue or sewing 2.Make a hole in the middle of triangle. Attach the string into Ribbon hole and chopsticks 3.Tape the string and stick together 4. Voila. Your own Rhythmic ribbon!

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