Pre-competitive program(5-7yo)

This program is a developmental program designed to enhance physical and psychological skills and teach proper gymnastics skills with longer term training plan.

Girls age between 5 years old and 7years old will be skill assessed and will be invited to this program if they are physically/mentally ready. The tryout includes the skill assessment for physical and mental ability to train in a group training, will power to achieve challenging goal, desire, and the potential to pursue a long journey of Rhythmic gymnastics.

Pre-competitive program is not on the extended line of the Recreational program. The training is more detailed and based on long term training plan. Pre-team is located on one of the long line edge as a beginning point, and on the other edge of the line Level 10 gymnast, Elite or National team and Olympian exist. VS, Recreational program is located in a different line that never cross each other.

Pre-team program requires gymnasts and family some commitment training hour wise, tuition wise. Once gymnasts are accepted to Pre-competitive program each gymnast will be assigned to the respective training group based on their skills and suitability.

Pre-team program September-November 2022(Require coach’s permission. Contact No lesson on federal holidays and Dec 26th-31st 2022.

Once a week Wednesday 3:20-4:20 Tuition : $560 (September to December 4 month tuition)
(Gymnast are expected to stay in the pre-team about 12-15 months before they switch to competition team program)

Twice a week Wednesday 3:20-4:20 and Thursday 3:20-4:20 Tuition : $800 (September-December 4 months tuition)
(Gymnast are expected to stay in the pre-team about 9-12months before they switch to competition team program)

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