About us


**About Us**

**Seattle Rhythmic Gymnastics (SRG) – Nurturing Passion, Fostering Talent**

Welcome to Seattle Rhythmic Gymnastics, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the sport of rhythmic gymnastics in the heart of Seattle. At SRG, we believe in nurturing the passion for gymnastics in children and providing a platform for them to explore their potential.

**Our Mission**
Our mission is to foster a love for rhythmic gymnastics, an artistic and dynamic sport that combines elements of gymnastics, dance, and apparatus manipulation. We are committed to creating a positive, inclusive, and supportive environment where every child, regardless of their background or skill level, can learn, grow, and thrive.

**Our Programs**
SRG offers a variety of programs ranging from recreational classes for beginners to competitive training for advanced gymnasts. Our programs are tailored for children aged 4 years and older, focusing on skill development, physical fitness, and artistic expression.

**Our Coaches**
Our coaching team comprises experienced and passionate professionals who are dedicated to providing high-quality training. They are not only experts in rhythmic gymnastics but also mentors who inspire and encourage every child to reach their full potential.

**Our Community Impact**
As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, we are deeply rooted in the community. We strive to make rhythmic gymnastics accessible to all, conducting community outreach programs. Our goal is to inspire a lifelong love for sports and physical activity, contributing to the health and well-being of our community’s youth.

**Join Us**
Whether you are a parent looking for a nurturing environment for your child to learn gymnastics, a young gymnast seeking to hone your skills, or someone passionate about supporting youth sports, there is a place for you at SRG. Together, we can create a brighter and healthier future for our children through the beauty and discipline of rhythmic gymnastics.

**Contact Us**
For more information about our programs, classes, or how you can support our mission, please visit [our website](https://www.seattlerhythmic.com/) or contact us at [Insert Contact Information].

**Seattle Rhythmic Gymnastics – Where Every Child Is a Star!**

**Lesson location :Wallingford location : 4430 Corliss Ave N Seattle WA 98103 (Entrance is on Corliss ave)
(Mailing address: 12502 Riviera pl NE Seattle WA 98125)

Coach Hitomi judging at the U.S Olympic final selection in 2021
Coach Hitomi judging at the U.S Olympic final selection in 2021

**Meet Our Head Coach: Hitomi Silva**

At Seattle Rhythmic Gymnastics, we’re honored to have Hitomi Silva as our head coach. A certified USA Gymnastics professional, Hitomi brings a rich blend of experience in Jazz dance, Artistic Gymnastics, and Rhythmic Gymnastics to our team.

**Distinguished Background in Rhythmic Gymnastics**
Hitomi’s journey in Rhythmic Gymnastics began in Japan, where she trained in her youth at the renowned Aeon Club (formerly Jusco), a breeding ground for Olympians and national champions. 

**National Level Judge and Educator**
Hitomi possesses a wealth of experience, including judging at esteemed events like the USA Olympic final selection in 2021 and the USA Gymnastics Championships in 2021, 2022, and 2023. Her in-depth knowledge of the sport is complemented by her role as a Physical Education teacher at a nearby elementary school, where she emphasizes training based on science. Furthermore, her logical approach aligns seamlessly with her background as a full-time developer at Microsoft headquarters.

**A Family-Oriented Coach**
Outside the gym, Hitomi is a devoted mother of two and enjoys spending quality time with her family. Fluent in both English and Japanese, she brings a global perspective to our community.

Coach Nami : Recreational program, Rhythmic taught in Japanese and SRG team program coach. She speaks English and Japanese. 

Coach Joyce : former Level 10 gymnast and is now studying at the University of Washington as a graduate student.

Coach Josie has a rich background in both Dance and Rhythmic gymnastics. She proudly represented Seattle Rhythmic Gymnastics as an athlete from 2016 to 2018. In 2019, she achieved the remarkable feat of becoming the regional champion in Level 7 (Senior) for both the all-around and four routines events. Following her retirement as an athlete, Josie transitioned into coaching at SRG, where she currently imparts her expertise to Recreational program participants and Xcel Team gymnasts. Notably, she is not only fluent in English but also proficient in Sign Language. Josie possesses the unique ability to seamlessly communicate through signing and speaking simultaneously, making her classes inclusive and welcoming to both hearing and non-hearing children.



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~2019 Gold medal history~

Region 2 Regional Championship (7 Golds)

+Level 8 Jr A Rope

+ Level 7 S AA, RFX, Hoop, Ball and Clubs

+Level 5 JrB Rope

WA State Championship (13 Golds)

+Level 7 S AA, RFX, Hoop, Ball and Clubs

+Level 3 CC AA, RFX, Hoop, Ball

+Level 3 Jr A AA, RFX, Hoop, Ball

Washington Cup (10 Golds)

+Level 5 Jr B Floor, Clubs

+Level 3 CC AA, RFX, Hoop, Ball

+Level 3 Jr A AA, RFX, Hoop, Ball

Oregon Invitational (19 Golds)

+Level 8 Jr A RFX, Clubs

+Level 7 S AA, RFX, Hoop, Ball and Clubs

+Level 5 Jr B AA, RFX, Hoop, Rope, Clubs

+Level 3 CC AA, RFX, Ball 

+Level 3 Jr A, RFX, Hoop, Ball


~The home of 2019 Level 8 Jr A : Region 2 Junior Olympic Team  member~

~The home of 2019 Rhythmic Future Star National Team member~



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