SRG Girls Power


Young girls possess immense potential and the capacity to shape a brighter future as they grow. They hold the key to effecting positive change in the world. The SRG Girls Power project aims to empower young girls by helping them gain a deeper understanding of the world around them. It encourages them to discern both the positive and negative aspects of the current world, inspiring them to contemplate the actions they can take to drive change.

Our goal is to motivate these young girls to take action, even starting with small steps, and to nurture qualities of compassion and strength within them. We hold a shared dream that these girls, as they blossom into the future, will play an instrumental role in making our world a better place

Our first event:
July 31st 2023,

We had the wonderful opportunity to perform at Aegis Living, a senior living community, to share our performance with the elderly residents. The sheer joy and delight that radiated from the faces of our audience filled our SRG girls with an extra dose of happiness.

Future Events:
Rhythmic taught in ASL(9 weeks free Rhythmic session for deaf or hard of hearing DHH children)
Our own Coach Josie is fluent in ASL. SRG gymnasts are excited for the opportunity to share their Rhythmic passion with new friends by helping the class as volunteers!
Welcome message from Coach Josie: