Pre-team program


This program is specifically designed to nurture physical and psychological skills while instilling the essential developmental foundations through a comprehensive, long-term training plan. The Pre-team program at SRG serves as the crucial preparation for entering the competitive program, making it distinct from our recreational program. While the recreational program at SRG prioritizes safe and enjoyable gymnastics, the Pre-team program focuses on mastering fundamental techniques to pave the way for future gymnastic success. The tryout will evaluate their physical abilities, mental resilience for group training, determination to conquer challenging goals, their passion, and their potential for a lasting journey in Rhythmic gymnastics. Once accepted into the Pre-team program, each gymnast will be placed in a training group that aligns with their skills and suitability.

Program : Pre-team
This program requires coach’s permission/invitation to register. Please set up the skill assessment before signing up and making a payment.

Schedule : 5-8yo classes (Practice twice a week)
Pick two from below
Monday 4:30pm-5:30pm(Currently FULL)
Wednesday 3:25pm-4:25pm
Saturday 9:05am-10:05am/10:10-10:50 based on skill level(decided by coach)

9yo and older : We welcome participants aged 9 and older, including teenagers, although the group’s average age may vary.
Please contact for the training schedule.

Tuition is calculated based on the total annual cost of the program. Payments require a minimum of 3 months (4 months for the Fall session). When joining in the middle of the season, tuition will be prorated. For the pre-team season 2023-2024, the pre-team tuition is $160 per month, and 3 months’ tuition must be paid in advance by check payable to Seattle Rhythmic Gymnastics before starting lessons. (For Fall session 4 months tuition). If you pay online, we charge $10/mo extra tuition to cover the online transaction and related fees.

Coach: Josie and or Joyce(SRG has the right to change the class coach without notice during the session. )

If SRG cancels a lesson, we will provide a make-up class within the pre-team practice schedule (the day when the gymnast is not registered for their weekly lesson). Please note that we do not offer make-up classes on any other days.

In case you miss a lesson, we offer one make-up class per month, and the make-up class schedule is also limited to the pre-team practice days mentioned above.

Parents are not allowed to be in the gym other than parents observation week. We invite parents for showcase to show children’s performance

Address: 4430 Corliss Ave N Seattle WA 98103(Behind of UPS)
Please email to set up skill assessment before making a payment

Equipment Purchase List:

  1. Jump Rope: A high-quality jump rope is crucial for improving agility, coordination, and rhythmic routines.
  2. Ball: The rhythmic gymnastics ball is a fundamental apparatus for various routines. Please ensure it meets the required specifications for competition. 16.5cm Glitter Fuschia
  3. 2 Yoga Blocks: Yoga blocks provide support during stretching and flexibility exercises, aiding in your child’s overall performance.
    Any 2 yoga blocks are good.
  4. Rhythmic Gymnastics Shoes: Ensure they are the correct size and offer sufficient support.
  5. Black Leotard:
  6. Knee Pads:

    Below items can be purchased later once as child decides to continue long
  7. SRG Team Jacket: Our exclusive SRG team jacket is not only stylish but also serves as an official uniform item for our gymnasts. This must be purchase within 6 months since she starts pre-team program.
  8. SRG Team T-shirts: These are essential for practice sessions and team events. They foster a sense of unity and pride among our gymnasts. This must be purchased by the time she will move up to Xcel or DVP program. Please talk to our director Hitomi. $20/piece

Pre-team Spring session
Please pick two days from below options. Tuition $480
**Monday 4:30-5:30
**Wednesday 3:25-4:25
**Saturday 9:05-10:05 / Saturday 10:10-10:50 (For children aged 5 and younger, we
recommend signing up for the Saturday class from 10:10-10:50 AM rather than the 9:05
AM class. The Saturday class is shorter but has fewer participants, allowing for more
personalized instruction from the coach.)

Purchase requests:
0-3months in pre-team: pre-team members should have
Yoga block/Rope/Ball/Knee pads/Gymnastics half Shoes/Black leotard

4-6th months in pre-team: pre-team members should have above items and also
*Team leotard(for showcase performance) About $16:
*Rhythmic Hula Hoop : Purchase from SRG New hoop $47:
We purchase Sasaki hoops to minimize errors in ordering the correct size and to help
reduce shipping fees. We facilitate group purchases of the hoops and charge you the
price divided equally among participants for both the hoop and shipping. Please note,
there is no profit for SRG in this; it is not a sale by SRG. For more information on the
hoops, visit:

7-9th months in pre-team: pre-team members should have above items and also
*SRG Tshirts($20) : Ask Coach Hitomi
*SRG team jacket(About $100-$120): Ask Coach Hitomi where to order

10-12th months in pre-team: pre-team members should have above items and also *Clubs about $12:

*Ribbon Stick about $10: