Xcel-team program(7 yo and older)


This program is a developmental program designed to enhance physical and psychological skills based on long term training plan to compete at the competitions.

Girls age between 7 years old and olderld will be skill assessed and will be invited to this program if they are physically/mentally ready. The tryout includes the skill assessment for physical and mental ability to train in a group training, will power to achieve challenging goal, desire, and the potential to pursue a long journey of Rhythmic gymnastics.

Requires 4-8 hours training per week. Gymnasts will gain gymnastics skills through repetitive training and also gain life skills like self-confidence, discipline, teamwork and friendship, respect etc through gymnastics training and team activities. Once gymnasts are accepted to Xcel-competitive program each gymnast will be assigned to the respective training group based on their skills and suitability.

At the competition Xcel gymnasts perform to fight against herself. Gymnast will receive the score but not ranking against others. She will be placed 1st level, 2nd level or 3rd level depending on her performance execution(Score range). Great way to build up self confidence in children. All the hard work and improvement will be evaluated properly no matter how other children perform good or bad.

(Xcel-competitive program gymnasts are required to purchase Rhythmic ribbon, Rope, Hoop, Ball, clubs, 2 yoga blocks, 2 training bands and knee pads for training. Black leotard, or Black tops+leggings/shorts and ballet bun as dress code for training.)

Xcel-competitive program September-November 2021(Require coach’s permission. Contact info@seattlerhythmic.com) No lesson for the full week of Nov 22nd/Thanksgiving week.

Tuition : $750 (September to November 2021) When you pay by a check drop off at Wallingford : $730

Lesson schedule: ( September to November 2021. Twice a week In-person lessons)

Wednesday 4:00-6:00 In-person lessons(Wallingford @4430 Corliss Ave N Seattle WA 98103)

Friday 5:00-7:00 In-person lessons(Wallingford @4430 Corliss Ave N Seattle WA 98103)