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Currently we are offering Inperson lessons @Wallingford location and  online lesson(as of Aug 2021)

Lesson location :Wallingford location : 4430 Corliss Ave N Seattle WA 98103 (Entrance is on Corliss ave)

Mailing address: 12502 Riviera pl NE Seattle WA 98125



Seattle Rhythmic Gymnastics is established in 2013 July in North Seattle to achieve the missions listed below.

Our mission
+Provide Rhythmic Gymnastics lesson as many people as possible
+Increase the awareness of this amazing Olympic sport Rhythmic Gymnastics in Seattle area
+Provide the healthy life style and exercise habits to the youth through this sport

In Rhythmic Gymnastics(RG), one dances with their favorite music using apparatus like ribbonhoop,ropeclub and/or ball. This elegant sport helps one express emotions inside of them, and is a great way to develop young kid’s creativity.

Coach Hitomi judging in Finland at AGG competition

Our coaches/instructor :
Our head Coach Hitomi Sliva, a certified USA Gymnastics professional,
has extensive experience in Jazz dance, Artistic and Rhythmic gymnastics.  Her rhythmic back ground is the training she took in Japan in her childhood and youth at a famous Japanese club Aeon(Used to be Jusco ;Home of Olympians and many national champions) where current International Rhythmic Gymnastics Technical Committee President Natalya Kuzmina coached and developed the program while she was in the club. Hitomi continually improves her professional skills by attending Rhythmic Gymnastics camps and other coach training to learn from various World-renowned coaches includes many Olympians.  Hitomi is a national level judge and the club stays up to date on the latest Rhythmic Gymnastics rules. Hitomi judged at USA Gymnastics Championship/Olympic trials/selection on 2021. She taught Physical Education at a local elementary school as a school teacher. She is a mom of two children and enjoying spending time with her family in her off days. Hitomi speaks English and Japanese.

Coach Nami : Recreational program, Rhythmic taught in Japanese and SRG team program coach. She speaks English and Japanese. 

Coach Jane : Rhythmic taught in Russian. She speaks English, Russian fluently and also intermediate Chinese

Coach Zaya : Rhythmic taught in Mongolian. International Brevet judge.  She speaks English and Mongolian. FIG certified Brevet judge RGI and RGG(International judge)

Coach Josie, has background of Dance and Rhythmic. She was Seattle Rhythmic Gymnastics’s athlete for the season 2016-2018. She was a region2 regional champion at Level 7(sr) in AA and 4 routines events in 2019. After her retirement she started coaching at SRG and currently teaching Recreational program and Xcel Team gymnasts. She is fluent in English and Sign language. Josie can sign and speak at the same time and comfortable accepting both of hearing and non-hearing children in her class.     

Coach Xin : Speaks English and Chinese(Mandarin) Coming soon

Other coaches bio : Coming soon~


Team 2020-2021 members and achievement


Team 2019-2020 members

Team 2018-2019 members

~2019 Gold medal history~

Region 2 Regional Championship (7 Golds)

+Level 8 Jr A Rope

+ Level 7 S AA, RFX, Hoop, Ball and Clubs

+Level 5 JrB Rope

WA State Championship (13 Golds)

+Level 7 S AA, RFX, Hoop, Ball and Clubs

+Level 3 CC AA, RFX, Hoop, Ball

+Level 3 Jr A AA, RFX, Hoop, Ball

Washington Cup (10 Golds)

+Level 5 Jr B Floor, Clubs

+Level 3 CC AA, RFX, Hoop, Ball

+Level 3 Jr A AA, RFX, Hoop, Ball

Oregon Invitational (19 Golds)

+Level 8 Jr A RFX, Clubs

+Level 7 S AA, RFX, Hoop, Ball and Clubs

+Level 5 Jr B AA, RFX, Hoop, Rope, Clubs

+Level 3 CC AA, RFX, Ball 

+Level 3 Jr A, RFX, Hoop, Ball


~The home of 2019 Level 8 Jr A : Region 2 Junior Olympic Team  member~

~The home 2019 Rhythmic Future Star National Team member~



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